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Happy New Year... a PCM digital welcome to 2015.


I was wondering how folks were starting thier year.

I have recently moved out of my home of 15yrs after a 2 yr battle with neighbours in a nightmare neighbourhood. So I'm even more in digital limbo than ever. I continue to champion an Equity conciousness amonst fellow arts parctitioners.

I've followed with interest in 2014 the formation of a new association "Artists’ Union England" a new trade union for professional visual and applied artists. And I've continued converstaions about UK trade unions' adoption of online platforms with Simon Parry at Infobo who are developing cloud based platforms with other trade unions.

Simon has carried out research about unions and online presence since 2012 and currently Equity sits at... number 5 out of 45 who activily maintain a twitter account. Read the article here

Our website authority also features in Simon's research listing us coinsidentally also at number 5 having risen from 8th in 2013. Read the article here

Work wise I'm continuing my audience producer role with Audiences Europe Network and building social technology toolkits with performers and practitioners. My 2014 high light was a fully realised "Digital Audience Experience" enquiry with Arts and Audiences in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I'm in planning and prep mode until March. What about you?