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“As a lighting designer and technician I have experienced the technological revolution as it has evolved and changed around me over the last 25 years. The practical application of technology is what interests me in the new online social networking, audience-centric trend and the 'mix and match', ‘Mash-Up’ Web 2.0 culture emerging and expanding since 2006 and still so today in 2015. The building of communities across distances and the implications it has on us as physical beings in an increasingly cyber world drives my business development. I am especially interested in how this affects the generations, how we communicate with each other, relate to the younger generation and include less able demographics within society. It’s not necessary to be able to build a website or write software, but a fundamental understanding of internet basics is, I believe, essential in this modern world for business or pleasure.” - updated for a bio I'm writing now but the foundation is from 2009... been doing this for quite a while.