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Who knew? - Coffee with James Hoffmann


I just know there are coffee shops and coffee shops. Barista coffee, Independent, specialty and then Costa etc! Just like there is fine wine I know people for who coffee is only drinkable in specialty brewed form.

There are occasions where I stumble across YouTube videos even tumble down entire rabbit holes of content. I love it when a creator takes centre stage. 

I've decided to blog about a few but keep the posts short inline with the style sustainable for these daily blogs. Since moving house in 2015 my televisual consumption is solely on iPad via YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and since Christmas 2020 Netflix.

I’m going to include a playlist with 5 vids to get you started. 

In this post I want to introduce you to James Hoffman. A UK coffee YouTube and Barista champion. His knowledge and insight with his humour, expectation of things to function as they should (watch the scales video in the playlist), his dedication to taste the best and the comically obvious worst. Compelling, informative and I'm looking forward visiting coffee shops even more. I will try espresso for the first time too.

A playlist of 5 to get you started.


Check out his channel. 

Traffic #back2physical or back to 2009?

There are 2 blog posts written years ago that get the most traffic.

One is What is Twittbot? A long defunct twitter collaboration platform which enabled multi user posting to an account without sharing a password. I wrote it in 2009! The platform is gone. 

The second is about the Echo Livescribe pen. Some of the pens have the LED screen fault. This post addressed a workable solution to enable continued use if purchasing a new pen wasn’t an affordable option.

Now I’m daily blogging I’m frustrated that also written in 2009 it with the TwitBott post gets more daily hits than all my recent 2021 efforts put together!

This blog is about sustaining mindfulness. For that it is serving it’s purpose.

I’m rather anxious as the world pivots back to physical that like waking from a paralysis to final get to be on par with my expertises I’m sink back into a slumber once the world wakes back up.
I only just found my feet.

I just hope I can keep my balance.


Thank You


Easy to say hard to accept? I love what I do but I have no idea if I’m any good at it. But I do my best and from that comes what I do.

I see everyone as more capable but have no inner truth regards how I compare. I certainly can’t compete or excel. I burn brightly and the world continues to revolve but I don’t make any progress.
When a gift of thanks arrives I have to build a sense of my own credibility. Believe the Thank You is genuine.
It is. I’m not stupid but prior knowing is not part of believing.
Lockdown is coming to an end. The pandemic offered me a stage for all the digital futures I so desperately tried to share prior to March 2020. 

Extending the audience was the pre-covid pursuit. Blending the experience is the post pandemic vision. Choice and fuller access. I just hope I am articulate and act.

The Brownie was delicious. 

Lets remember when we back to physical their is a audience we leave behind. Open the digital opera boxes, rollout the virtual carpet. Accessibility is really here.

Please don’t put it back in its box.

Watch this space! #IgniteLiv

On the 25th Feb, I am presenting a mini-presentation at Liverpool Ignite 40 Digital.

20 slides lasting 20 secs to produce a tight talk timeframe.

Mine will have a QR code that comes here.

The event is drawing close, I'll be going live this Thursday evening via YouTube and Facebook.

Watch here on YouTube

The write up will be here too.

Full set of slides. Not used Slideshare for a while.