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Facebook is Back

Facebook is back. Just before Christmas. No, just before New Year, I removed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from all of my mobile devices. I did this because I was constantly checking them, and they were constantly there, and the icons, burned themselves into my retinas. Every time I looked at my screen they were the things that I compulsively went to. And it wasn't because I wanted to know what was going on but it just became habitual. And that felt wrong.

I wanted, and I always wanted social media to be an augmentation to my understanding of what's going on in my day to day. It's a way of making sure that information is being brought to me, and that if there are projects I'm doing, I can disseminate content to the audience and partners. That had changed.

Some people have New Year's resolutions. I like to have a word for meditation. And this year (2021) it's mindfulness. It's been interesting that some people have some negative connotations when it comes to mindfulness and the sentiment that it imbues. However, for me, it is a way of centering my thinking whether it's social, or business or personal.

So, DinoHack is a project that for the first time since the start of the pandemic, I'm going to be focused on for more than one day a week. And this means that I have time to do the digital marketing, I've been trying to find someone to support the digital marketing that PCM projects and PCM creative does on each project, but I've found it really hard to find somebody. DinoHack needs to have social media marketing. And I realise that, I'm perfectly capable of doing it, I was a bit unsure as to whether I knew enough anymore because it changes so fast. I delivered workshops on social media in 2010. And we're now in 2021. That 10 year old knowledge, some of it is relevant and it gives me a really firm foundation for what social media is, but what social media has become is something very different.

So Twitter made it back onto my phone quite early on, for reference rather than posting. I don't post as much as I used to, and I don't feel that I have to.

Instagram, made it back onto my phone because of the project I've done for Cromford Mills, which is exploring the augmented reality capabilities of Instagram because Cromford Mills, AR Cat Game is using Instagram, as its foundation technology. Christian Venables has been working with me to create an augmented reality mini cat game for Cromford visitors. So that's why Instagram made its way back on

LinkedIn, didn't really go anywhere. I just realised that I really need to pay a lot more attention to it, and it's never really had a structured build, it just had stuff from my CV that I think people might be interested in, it's not really very structured. Of all the platforms, it's unique to itself really, and everybody should have a LinkedIn profile if they are serious about doing business. And when I mean doing business. I mean that could be business to business it could be business to customer but if you are registered as self employed, as a sole trader, anything higher than that.

People specially in the entertainment industry in the creative arts, don't always see the necessity for why they need LinkedIn, but I promise you, it is absolutely vital. Over the last few days, When I've been looking for Prime contacts to contact for DinoHack, LinkedIn, and the Contact Relationship Management, that goes around that, Apollo plugs into LinkedIn is just pure gold dust.

So Facebook is back. And Facebook is back because buffer is back. Buffer is going to be the way that I line up articles that I find about and for DinoHack to be able to release content over time, so I will be able to spend 15-20 minutes or as I am browsing news which is what I tend to do I use features which will push content out to social media and buffer is the way of being able to to ‘buffer’ that.

So, four times a day, any of the platforms that I manage, I will be able to put an article on there. And as I keep doing it if I do more than four a day, then that backs them up for the next day and the next day the next day and then you start to build up that that archive of content.

There is a caveat of warning on this. However, if you are automating, and you are automating a topic which is likely to be current affairs news. If something happens in the news, that means that the articles that you're pushing out could be an appropriate, you need to be able to know how to lock down and stop your feeds going out automatically. And that's the case for any social media, automated feed. I mean even a live stream which is automating the liveliness of content. If you are going out live. You must always have a way and a protocol of shutting that down if something goes wrong.

I'm going to leave this post at this point. This article is the first one I have notated using Otter.ai. As a new feature on my iPhone 8 which is my latest phone where I can do a triple tap on the back of my phone and it activates an audio app and I've chosen otter so that it's transcribing, so I will be going to check that, copying the text out and putting it into my blog.

And then my blog will get posted. Currently it's still going out on TypePad, but I'm looking to maybe transfer that to pistachio, which I really love. It's a blogging platform that uses Evernote as its content management point.

And then of course I've got a new website that is work in progress that may be coming out through WordPress, that's a completely different mindset of whether I want to go down the WordPress rabbit hole. The End.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Dinosaur Hackathon. Interested?

DinoHack is taking shape


It’s taking place in Bristol at The EngineShed a literal stones throw from Temple Meads Train Station.

Email if you are interested in attending or/and sponsoring kids-id@pcmprojects.co.uk


It’s got some work still to do.
If you’re reading. I’m sharing.

I wish I was less tenacious. The Online Branch.

Equity Online Branch Digital Summit

Anyone involved with Audience Development by which I mean the act of building awareness towards a specific location to put people before a performance, knows how hard it is.
It’s take commitment and honest respect.

Bringing people to you is an act of venerability. They don’t know who you are or even care.

You care deeply, your livelihood depends upon it. Ironic eh?

For years now I have works against the odds to reach a position where Equity’s idea for an Online Branch is fit for an audience. Not a random audience but members of the union who are unable to attend a monthly geographically tied branch meeting.

Branch meetings are the place where the collective democracy of the union takes place outside of the formally elected council and committees.

The online branch was conceived from the recognition that the transitory members often working away from home on tour and some finding themselves residing overseas for periods of time.

It’s was also expected to provide an online sanctuary bringing members together. In the early days it was hoped that would be away from the mainstream social media of public exposure.
Proposed, debated and adopted by a vote at several Annual Representatives Conferences. It even had substantial investment but Equity seemed unable to reach the finishing line when it came to get the developer to produce a working version. It also suffered the fate of mainstream social media, that of trolls and misanthropes, personal agendas and failures to hold suppliers to account. But…

During the pandemic and following a change at the top along with a cascade of staff changes the Online Branch found it’s ledge on the rocky cliff. Stable but precarious.

We are to hold the first annual general meeting. For the online Branch, a digital summit.
I have become the torch-bearer. As I began this post, audience development is hard. The audience here is union members but the cuffs applies was to limit that to only members nit affiliated to a physical branch. I pushed against the challenge. It’s been hard. The goal is to establish an engaged membership sufficiently invested to retain and sustain a committee of Nine. The branch committee election is to be rerun over the summer. Until the time a branch chair can be elected I am keeping the flame alight.

Greetings! Are you an Equity Member. Did you tour prior to the pandemic. Have you every supported and attended a regional branch meeting? Tuesday is the first Online Branch digital summit. It's a review of activities of the last 12 months and a chance to look to the future. There will be a screen shared tour of the forum, a warm welcome for the union's president and a special event wouldn't be complete without a guest speaker and Darren Darnborough has accepted my invitation to speak.


Actor / Filmmaker / Travel Writer and CoFounder & CEO of WeAudition. I encountered Darren while researching a self-tape workshop in 2018 and attended a WeAudition Networking event hosted in London. Darren’s story of creating the SelfTelp committee WeAudition, the casting opportunities he created for himself and perhaps some tales of partying on yachts at the Film Festival in Cannes are anticipated! As a British, LA-based actor he is the perfect example of the Online Branch’s networking potential to help members find work opportunities and meet fellow members for who the Online provides a democratic voice within the industry where they have no physical branch to take advantage of.

There is a registration link if you haven't signed up. I do hope you are able to attend. Message me for the link.

The Online Branch is for members not able to attend a physical branch. There are lots of reasons but not being in the UK and not being available at 7.30 UK time to attend a geographic-specific gathering are the major factors to why the Online Branch exists.

This 7.30 online meeting for an AGM or for us this Digital Summit is likely to be the once a year occurrence. For the rest of the year, it's the online forum and informal meetups.

The first task for the branch is to form a committee. Audience development skills at the ready.
Thank you Audiences Europe. I sometimes wish I was less tenacious.

Moving Phone

Technology obsolescence is chasing me constantly. I’d say my thinking on technology and its application I ride the wave of innovation.

I wouldn’t call myself an early adopter though. That goes to the people I was and still am influenced by. The technology hardware on the other hand is different. Technology is for me a tool. I want my tools to be robust and reliable. The cost of that technology in the age of the operating system has to consider obsolescence especially in the Apple ecosphere. 

When I first switched from Windows to Mac I was pleasantly surprised when each release of its operating system was a free upgrade. 

Moving up with a windows operating system effectively involved installing a piece of software over the top of everything you had. Some software might not be compatible, it felt like Russia roulette. Would the software work? Did I need to upgrade? or did I need to install the latest version. A new operating system previously had been precipitated my a hardware upgrade also known as “getting a new computer”! That happened when the systems memory could no longer be upgraded or the graphics card was not able to process the advancing more process intensive graphics.
Each new machine marked an evolution in my practice. And along with it might come a new operating system. Then I switched to Apple.
My first Mac was a second hand MacBookPro. And it was quiet. 

Never again did I have old insufficient resources conundrum with the Windows operating system.

Instead it’s become a chasing the tail of the Persian Blue AKA Apple OS. Now the devises I own work just fine but as time advances and Apple’s OS iterates, it leaves behind a railroad of decoupled carriages. Obsolescence is a fact of frustration with Apple.

So moving phone…I had to upgrade. To use certain apps I had to upgrade. Same thing happened with my iPad. There are apps I can’t use on my MacBook and iMac. All because my perfectly good hardware is deemed no longer worth supporting. I’m crippled my obsolescence. 

New Phone… now I have to move in.