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Have you had enough Zoom? One more it should be this one.

Niche information sessions serve 2 purposes. One, to unite and recognise the niche, and Two for those not resident within the niche to gain greater understanding and advocacy.

Equity's Equalities Committees are hosting a series of weekly virtual coffees to help members to keep connected. Every Thursday at 11.30am performance industry professionals gather on Zoom to hear from Equity members, staff and activists on an array of topics, ask questions and share experiences.

Equity’s next Zoom’s In On is zooming in on Dyslexia.

Around 10% of adults in the UK have dyslexia, and some drama schools report that up to 30% of their students are dyslexic.

It's not just coming out of drama school but a life long understanding of adapting and understanding life as it is perceived by your brain. How do you manage, work and co-create with #Dyslexia and help those around you to do the same.

Join to hear experiences of being dyslexic in the industry, what support is available and what best practice looks like in the workplace and casting process.

There will be a chance to hear from invited speakers and ask your questions.

Equity make these meetings fully inclusive and accessible. If you have any access needs - for example, if you need a BSL interpreter or if you are dyslexic and would benefit from alternatives to using the chat function for the meeting, please email Lottie on lstables@equity.org.uk.

Captioning is available via Otter.ai for any meeting by clicking on the icon on the top left of the screen.

It's good for non-dyslexics to attend. There is additional funding to be had with dyslexics on your production. Extra good planning is needed as time moves slightly differently. To accommodate Dyslexic thinking presents immeasurable rewards. Sustainability and focus being just 2 major advantages. I see my dyslexia as a gift but it needs management and understanding.

Join us to hear speakers talk about their experiences, what support is available and what best practice looks like

Equity Zooms in on - archive


Age and Nostalgia - time slips

It’s a feeling that haunts me on occasion. The brief glimpse back to youth. It’s a feeling, a moment of presence and in a moment transported. A millisecond with no anchor to remain.

It’s invariably the same moments, the same people Mrs West, Nan Lyon’s London house, the wardrobe den and the corn fields behind the house on Wroxhall Drive. 

I want to visit those moments. Through imagination and literature those experiences resurface.

I feel distant. The immediate present with its technology and progress is not my time. Do I keep chasing or accept this platform and wave the train on?

Would I be young now? I’m supposed to say No but the now of youth interests me. I feel I would have been good at being young now. It’s an adventure I can never have. I started my conscience life, uncertain when. I have moments of powerful nostalgia. 

I think my broken heart unexpectedly led me here. I wouldn’t be anywhere else but I feel cheated at times. Not by love I have the most abundant love. I am in one respect lucky. 

I am independent. I always demanded that of myself.


Digitise vs Digitalisation

This is profoundly relevant and routed in a guiding principle that has long been quoted by me imparted by one of my greatest influencers Marcus Romer. “Don’t add technology to the way you do things. Change the way you do things once you know what technology can do.”

This is distilled as 2021 opens in to summer rephrased like origami to Digitalise not Digitise.

What does this mean for lockdown innovations in screen and live performed online theatre? Blended and Remote attendance, digital live evaporating into on demand.
John Maeda’s medium article referees to business innovations.

“Digitizing is easy, but succeeding in digitalization these days requires care and attention to the design of an experience if you are intending to charge a premium.”

Digitizing: Taking what is an existing process or activity and making it electronic to create cost efficiencies.

Digitalizing: Realizing an entirely new digital business that can take on the likes of Amazon or Netflix to generate new topline revenue.

Michael Fisher tweeted below John’s medium in my timeline. The two synchronised tweets inspired today’s post.


It’s easy to get light headed by the overwhelming newness of each and every day. It’s easy to allow anxiety to wash over me. The digitalised horizons are revealed the closer you approach. I want as much time as I can embrace. But the world is moving faster than I want to move. Faster than I can competently process. 

That internal metronome will orchestrate me through. We are entering exciting times.
Transformation. I like this concept.

Analogue heart and a digitalised soul.

“Uniquely work in progress” is how I feel.

Perhaps that should go on my grave stone!