Whirlwind Edinburgh Pt 2
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Whirlwind Edinburgh Pt 3

Diverseattractions My first performance of the day was ICQ by Seeing Red at a venue called Diverse Attractions. (pictured left) The performance space was through the arch. A tranquil retreat from the buzz of the Royal Mile in the street beyond. This haven of quiet was enchanting.

Billed as:

Seeing RED presents exciting, innovative theatre with a strong social commitment based around areas of accessibility, inclusion and integration. I-C-Q has been developed as part of the European Year of Equality - highlighting Rights, Representation, Recognition and Respect for all.

Although not what I'd call innovatively staged. Three performers reading from clipboards moving from one bar stool to the next as the stories progressed. That was not the point of the piece. It was the compelling story telling of real stories and experiences about every day struggles with discrimination, immigration, disability, unemployment and ultimately resolution and personal growth.


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