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Linked In & Going Mobile.

Social Networking sneering is a popular pastime for some media voyeurs. It's the we want to see you fall on the banana skin mentality... the glee of wanting to see someone fall flat on their face. Well while social media platforms such as Facebook and My Space are having a slow month. Lets not forget everything winds down in December and ramps back up in January with February being OMG the world might be spinning a bit fast month. Online trends are bound to be at the mercy of these corporeal ebbs and Flows. It doesn't take a clairvoyant to forecast that numbers might go up over the summer holiday seasons or indeed next Christmas. After all they are Social platforms.

Well not it seems for LinkedIn. The grown ups realm networking platform, the business talent, serious creatives, the freelance head hunting pool that ... means business, and not in the metaphoric sense. In the real sense. Its on the up and up as is revealed in this article http://tinyurl.com/yubfth

And now availible on your mobile too. http://m.linkedin.com/