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Second Life was made for this.

PCM's Second Life confession

This media player has 5 edited segments from the footage taken throughout the evening.

  1. Welcome to Axis Community - The opening Story
  2. The Second Life world.
  3. Stepping in to Second Life, Interactivity - continuing the tour Pilot Theatre, PCM creative, Media City - Macanix
  4. Questions and Inquiries
  5. Summary - Virtual futures

I was invited to present at a monthly Axis Community gathering several months ago not long after my first Axis Community encounter. The Axis Community is the social network emerging from courses and workshops run at the Axis Centre based within the Chilwell campus of Beeston College and accredited by DeMontfort University focusing of the practical application of IT for business.

Its members range from the Uber geek to the IT curious. We all have one thing in common. We like an excuse to get together and have a drink in the name of business!

I presented, it was recorded, it was edited and Uploaded to YouTube in its hi-lighted glory. Anyone having read "I, Avatar. The Culture and Consequences of having a Second Life" will recognise Mark Stephen Meadows "The strange Migration", his opening to a fascinating read looking at the cultural landscape of Second Life. The first story I chose to open this presentation with.

This Second Life presentation is a first look and introduction to the concept of virtual worlds, it's application for business and an opportunity to ask question about this new phenomenon. It was a show and tell! A commentary and illustration of how I am using Second Life and advising clients about the value of a virtual world presence along side a traditional web site embracing the evolution of social networking communities. Focusing on how business can benefit.

Many people who came had not heard of Second Life or if they had it was through a negative news stories. Some had given it a go but not got very far. There were academics viewing Second Life with great interest leaving with a great understanding of what Second Life can offer. Business people inquiring about this new online world of opportunity. Anyone deeply involved with second Life will see this presentation looks at absolute basics. Re watching it myself I know it's gloriously simplified but for me thats what I needed to know when I first started. Its also tries to give a bit of background to give it a business foundation. The brief I was set was to make in fun and informative.

I answered the questions asked an the end of the session as best I could. If anyone thinks there is a better answer please add your comments after reading and watching. So please correct me if I am wrong.