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Shift Happens - part 2 - The Sound Exchange

This is the second post from Pilot Theatre's Shift Happens.

The Sound Exchange has archived digital files to download for ever note on every instrument in the orchestra. Go see... well go listen I guess is more appropriate. This presentation made me think of all my techy audio geeks so this one is for you guys. For those with out the kit to play with digital sound sample Sound Exchange have developed an application on the website so you to can join in the fun.

Richard Slaney as a speaker at this live entertainment industry and converging technologies conference was inspired. Rather than an academic insight to the benefits of Social Media this was a presentation about just how it's being used and incorporated in to the companies business strategy. Its all about bums on seats!

Richard Slaney studied music at King's College London, before freelancing in AV systems and web design. So music is in his blood. He manages the orchestra's education website The Sound Exchange. With the emergance of social media platforms his role expanded to include all of the orchestra's online activity, a monthly video podcast series and bespoke audio digital projects such as the 2006 PLAY.orchestra which appeared outside London's Southbank Centre.

56 plastic cubes and 3 Hotspots were laid out on a full size orchestra stage, each cube containing a light and speaker.

Sitting down on the cubes or standing in the hotspots turned on an individual instrument and with the addition of 58 friends you could hear the full piece.
 bluetooth logo
The installation was also Bluetooth enabled - allowing participants to receive a ringtone of the piece they had created as well as other Philharmonia Orchestra ringtones.

Technology and art forms working together, using the emerging technology in creative and innovative way to keep live performance alive. is the main website