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Tom Fleming -

Take a look at his presentation's slides

Tom Fleming was speaker number 1 a consultant and academic specialising in research, strategy and policy for the cultural and creative economy. Wow! His focus (his biog told) me lies in establishing the climate for creativity, innovation, collaboration, and business growth. Tom has recently completed 'The case for 'mixed art-form and media venues' in the digital age'. An in-depth study to develop a better understanding of the role of 'bricks and mortar' infrastructure at a time of increasing digitisation in the processes of creative production and consumption and at a time when public value-concerns are paramount for policy makers.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy works to develop creative policy and infrastructure that is fit for purpose in an age where creativity and innovation, the physical and the virtual, the consumption and the production, the social and the commercial, are increasingly interdependent.

This Tom told us means focusing on the spaces and places that enable creativity to thrive and add value against a range of agendas - from the social to the economic, the intrinsic to the instrumental.

Twittered with my laptop on my lap for this session trying to give the twitter stream an informed account of the session. I am curious to know how twitter can be used for events and progress reporting. With Twitters embeddable widget in a web page is it possible to give a coherent running commentary?

Here are my Twitters on the specially set up Pilot Theatre twitter accountPilot logo

  • Tom Flemming our first speaker
  • Creative Britain - new talent for the new economy.
  • How can there be culture and economy?
  • Creative spaces
  • Creative infrastructure
  • Role of bricks and mortar spaces in the digital age
  • Mixed media centres crucial
  • Cinema at the core of multi platform shifts
  • Transforming venues Mass media to me media
  • Welcome new tweeters
  • Creative places. Where do the creative people go?
  • Connecting with audiences
  • Connecting with generations
  • "tennantspin" building community beyond buildings
  • Physical and digital spaces
  • Where does integration take place?
  • This is todays event
  • bringing together worlds
  • Developed brand, became a meeting place, built reputation and innovation
  • What creative practice is at your heart?
  • Developing experiences is the notion. Connectivity. Purpose
  • Current speaker Tom Fleming
  • Are buildings fit for purpose. Cultural producers in the digital age.

From this experience of applying online channels for live coverage during an event I am rapidly becoming an advocate for a Social Media specialist handling online interaction if they are going to provide a valuable experience for the online audience. As a stagemanager I have operated lights, sound, pyrotechnics, talkback and cue lights to facilitate the seamless operation of a theatre production. Any event running a virtual feed inviting online participation must have an operators full attention.