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All that glitters is not Chrome.

Has anyone tried Google's new browser, Chrome?
Its a peculiar beast.

Googlechromelogo Slick and quick, minimal clutter and imports all your Internet Explorer favs. It seems to interpret this forum site's posting interface very oddly and CSS margins and padding (or it could be form elements) doing lightly squiffy things I can't quite work out yet. There is an interesting desktop layout where rather than having a single homepage Chrome tiles your most recent sites for quick access. It also displays links to most recently added favourites too which has proved useful. It has tabbing like all the updated browsers seem to have now. You have no idea how many times I try and ALT TAB between windows when on line! So frustrating... anyone know if there is a shortcut that does that in a tabbed browser?

Stepping back and forward in a site using the tool bar forward and back button only does one step at a time and I find that a little irritating. In all I like its speed. I test my own sites in Explorer, Firefox, Opera and a mobile device. For Social Media surfing I am entrenched in Flock. I am already using Chrome as a quick stop reference browser as I do keep general Internet use, shopping and domestics like rail ticket purchases, banking and utilities separate. I'll be keeping an eye out for any security issues before I use it for banking.

It does seem to have a lazy eye when it comes to interpreting HTML and forum interfaces.

Have you tried it? How did you get on with it?