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Shift Happens - part 4 - Not all technology converges online.

Shift Happens hosted by Pilot Theatre in York's Theatre Royal exploded in to my imagination back in July. I have enthused endlessly out in the real world about new technologies and delighted in discovering how companies can use these digital innovations to evolve a companies online profile.

When I first heard about Arcola Energy's Hydrogen Fuel Cell it did feel a bit sci-fi but it is a real viable and availible peice of geek kit! Perfect for locations where power is tricky to obtain or when generators are too noisy and in theatre, my background in small scale touring (thats taking theatre productions to church halls, community centres, schools halls and arts centres around the UK spending one day, doing one performance, maybe a workshop and moving on I can see so many uses for this.

Dr Ben Todd, Arcola Theatre (this is his presentation PDF)

Arcola_energy_logo London-based Arcola Theatre is aiming to be the world's first carbon neutral theatre. Their vision is installing biomass heating, solar panels, fuel cells and state of the art energy saving technologies. They also have established first centre for new energy technology in the arts. Executive Director Ben Todd gave an overview of their work in this area. He also introduced me to the astonishing Hyrogen Fuel cell which Arcola will make available to organisations.

The fuel cell was recently featured in the Industry magazine Light & Sound International.It's an amazing object. And I guess totally silent which has enormous potential. What can you power with 5kw? Very exciting.