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MDDA - Documentally : Nobody does it better!

I've been having a go. Blogging with qik, sharing my findings as I explore the digital world of Social Media, learning from the masters. Trying to be guided by Nik Butlers 5 Step mantra Arrive, Listen, Ask, Advise, Provide. The title of my blog is clear PCM creative in action.

Lots of people talk and pontificate about Social Media. Is it useful? Does it have a self life? What is it's future? How do we measure its success? I want to play with it, use it, engage others and give them a voice.

October 27 I was in Manchester at the MDDA (this is the link to the live blog from the days events) delivering a workshop Mobile Marvels all about how mobile devises can be used by arts organisations to produce dynamic immediate web content, improve team communication, engage audiences and keep them interested.

Guest Social Media Maverick, Christian Payne - Documentally - Our man inside is a social media hero of mine. Its weird saying that as I actually know him but the fact remains he produces active, engaging, quality web content I aspire to.

This is his day in video (Below) My little Qik is below that! See the difference.

My offering!

I even look better on his film than in mine! How does he do that!