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MediaCampLondon2 - December 2008 - Part one

Pilot Theatre - This Child - Live On line

Friday 27 November 2008 Pilot Theatre did their first live stream performance. "This Child" was about to do it's last 2 performances at York Theatre Royal's studio. 7.30pm online viewers logged in to take their seats. I sat comfy at my desk, the empty stage and auditorium in view (one of the best seats in the house I have to say) Marcus Romer, artistic director of Pilot Theatre addressed the assembled online audience welcoming us to the first live show.

Pilot have done simulcast events before (sightsonic - live web link between York to Amsterdam where two performers are battled over their game consoles and other things.) and have "Catcher in their Eye" scheduled to simulcast from New York in the Spring of 2009 the story of Mark Chapman - the man who shot John Lennon - on his last night of anonymity. But this live offering was for the audience to see This Child, an opportunity I know I thought I'd missed.

Live theatre plays are of the moment. The curtain falls and the experience is over.  What you witness will never be repeated the audience will be different the actors will recreate the performance each night but unlike a DVD watching a live show over and over always has the notion that it is never the same however well crafted and orchestrated.

When doing a livecast its easy to set up the kit and let it run but attending to the online audience is an important step to ensuring 2 way participation and future followings. This is not TV. Pilot are a great example of how Social Media channels add value to a brand and a product. A company at the cutting edge of social media and web 2 adoption web 2 channels are at the heart of Pilot Theatre's on line identity. Facebook, Bebo, Second Life, Wikispace and Twitter all have an active following and growing online fan base with a burgeoning dynamic community on the horizon

So why come to an online live show? No hushed reverence or tradition. No heavy breather sat behind you or rustling sweet wrappers. No standing and squeezing up against your flipped up seat to let someone past. Don't get me wrong "Roar of the grease paint, Smell of the crowd" and all that! Sorry I promised myself no theatre in giggles - "Smell of the greasepaint, Roar of the crowd" ... couldn't resist.

Pilot chose to stream from Mogulus. Live picture on the left and chat on the right. Yes chat. Thats the added dimension of a livecast you can wow and gasp and comment at the sights before you. "Nice lighting change", "Theatre has a natural flow that is so often missed in TV - and this is captured carried on through the live broadcast".

More live web media please Pilot.