MediaCampLondon2 - December 2008 - Part one
MediaCampLondon2 - December 2008 - Part two

2009 alive and liking it.

Out and about networking in 2008 I met some amazing people. Social networking was often a whisper on the wind but in the economic challenges that lie before us Social Media and all its diversity can be a budget saving haven. I wish there was a one size fits all for solving every companies Social Media needs but a lass bespoke focused strategies are the best. Everyone wants to feel special and the way I see it you have no choice.

Each of my 2008 clients had very specific needs with common expectations, Increase sales, footfall, bums on seats and discovering there is so much more too. Pilot Theatre, who I have worked with since July 2007 have embraced social online communications channels with the philosophy of the more the better all leading internet travelers down the road that leads to the companies website. Whether its a group on Bebo that looks after its self taking in RSS, Flickr and YouTube or Facebook Groups collecting together Pilot Theatre fans, they all have one purpose, to get audiences for the next production and to raise the company's profile. Other Web 2 platforms provide other valuable features like wikis, collaborative work spaces for writing projects and event feedback this internet social communication revolution.

In 2009 I'll be running workshops across the country for various arts organisations, developing existing clients web 2 integration. Fingers crossed I'll begin delivering my Social Media super users course and Second Life for business course for Axis in the Spring. MediaCampNottingham is also on the ideas schedule for Spring along with an event with Pilot Theatre's live streaming aspiration with their New York production now well and truly in pre-production. Second Life live streaming performance opportunities for musicians, DJs and Singers is another rapidly boiling pot of delights collaborating with Second Life MediaCity's Neil Neilsen AKA Neil Reily from Kohd who is the architect behind the buildings on Pilot Theatre's Second Life hub.

Every business/company and enterprise with an email customer list or contacts book can benefit from whats happening on the web. I know I am excited to see what 2009 brings in on the tide.

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