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JoikuSpot - WI-FI anywhere with 3G smart phone - JoikuBoost special offer

JoikuSpot are practically giving away Premium licences for a limited time to celebrate the birth of JoikuBoost. This very low price is only for a limited time on a first come first serve basis.The first 100 JoikuSpot Premium licences for only EUR 5. The next 100 units will go with EUR 6. The next for EUR 7 and so forth... On Tuesday (27 Oct) the price will return to normal, so act now and get Yours at Joiku AppStore. The first ones will gain biggest savings.

Joikuspot licenses are tied to the phone the app is installed upon and lasts for the life of your phone. Get a new phone, you have to purchase the app again. A pain but such great value if you consider having USB dongle can be £15 a month.

JoikuSpot Premium (usually 15 EU) supports all internet and email protocols, and VPN.That means you can access your emails. Compared to JoikuSpot Light (which is free).

I have Premium on my media mobile I use for web access, email, IM, live streaming, video and photos, using Joiku Lite on my voice calls mobile which also has web access but I don't need email collection. JoikuBoost enables me to network both my mobile signals to strengthen my bandwidth and combine my signal on from 3 and one being O2.

Boost your wi-fi by networking mobile signals

This discount campaign is to celebrate the birth of JoikuBoost, which connects multiple JoikuSpots together and creates a larger unified and shared 3G internet bit pipe, where internet traffic routes through multiple operator 3G networks. JoikuBoost is accessible over WiFi from laptops, exactly like JoikuSpot.

You can get JoikuBoost Beta for FREE at Joiku site.

It's priceless when in hotels with no wi-fi, costly 24hr access options or 'free in the lounge' access. I can stay cosy in my room and keep upto date with my networks.

I'll be getting a premium app for my mobile calls phone now too. Then I'll be testing out the Joikuboost.