Media Camp London 3 - part 3
Lace Market House opens her doors once again to MediaCampNottingham

Architects Journal - aggregating with ease

Capturing content is one thing. Getting it live another, and in the right place yet another. With web content street ninja, Phil Campbell I've been working on a commission to create an updating web feed to Architect Journal's home page culminating with a 2 day live stream at Earls Court as Nottingham H.O.U.S.E is assembled for exhibition at this years Ecobuild.

Over the past 4 weeks Phil demonstrated with stupendous style the core PCM creative in action objective and that is to make media real. Yes its a little raw (there are no edits, intro idents or outro credits) but the conversations and interviews are relaxed, informal capturing the individuals being interviewed in a good way. Being pushed infront of a camera often has an edge of awkwardness that was absent when chatting off camera. Using mobile media is less intrusive and especially when it comes to AudioBoo the quality is excellent. With mobile connectivity the added bonus is that content can be uploaded immediately to the web.

Using tagging, RSS feeds and embeddable widget code all packaged nicely using WidgetBox I was able to provide Architects Journal with a dynamically updating box of content needing no support from them to maintain. (Featured to the Left of this text) Once the embed code had been added to thier home page any content created by myself or phil could be directly feed to the widget.

Agregated content in the widget

This has been a great project. I really hope I get commissioned to do more. I'm looking forward to the live stream. Social Media has to have soul and I hope PCM gives that.