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Social Network Purging Day

A collective excuse for spring cleaning stale social relationships

Have you wanted to defriend that person for ages? Social networking Purging Day invite you to spend a day united, collectively ripping off the band-aid, and get all those dusty “relationships” out of our news feeds and inboxes for good on Saturday, March 20th.

For excert from the SNPD tumblr


This will most likely be the one that people need to deal with most. Clean out all those friends that aren’t really friends. You need to determine where to draw the line for yourself. Maybe it’s anyone you don’t have a personal face to face relationship with. Whatever it is, determine your cutoff criteria. Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t make it that easy to remove friends. If you need instructions they have a page about it here. Also, go through and delete applications, groups, fan pages, etc. that have become irrelevant."

Digital hoarding is effortless but polluting. Many people say to me that the information in their social stream isn't worth reading.The trouble is if post, magazines and newspapers piles up in your office or at home (my dinning room table is an embarrassment) a time comes when enough is enough and 99% of it gets binned and recycled. Digital junk just expands.

PCMproject PCM's Top Twitter Tips

Understand who you follow (listen to) and who follows you (listens to you)

  • Friend or Follow gives you an avatar view of this relationship
  • My Tweeple lets you analyze that further delving in to inactive tweeters and most active tweeters. You can friend and unfollow from here too.
  • Identify your top ten most active followers
  • Identify your top ten most active friends
  • Analyse and evaluate the results
Understand your impact and reach
  • Klout provides analysis of your activity across twitter benchmarking you against other tweeters in your network.
  • Twitter Analyzer gain a greater understanding of when your network is active on Twitter and who you engaged with most.
  • Tweetreach check out the reach achieved by an event hashtag or Twitter name.
  • Identify your top 10 most valuable tweeters who contribute to extending your reach in Twitter.
  • Analyse and evaluate the results
  • Document for reference

Finally...Read the best bits from your streamlined Twitter account with The Twitter Times a service that delivers to you the news and buzz as tweeted by your Twitter Network. The Twitter Times is a real-time personalized newspaper generated from your Twitter account

My (@pcmcreative) Twitter Times

What are your spring cleaning citeria? I have to admit Facebook is my most neglected and mismanaged network mainly because it doesn't return any investment I put in for business. I really should purge but on the other hand I want to provide options for people to engage. Facebook is most definitely a quandary.

Twitter Tips I can offer. Facebook tips anyone?

10 Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweeps from Mashable

Lace Market House opens her doors once again to MediaCampNottingham

MCN2 banner Some might say I'm a funny fish. Odd statement? Love meeting people, loath crowds. Enjoy a good gathering, don't like going out. Strange? For me MediaCampNottingham is the perfect event. My office is in Lace Market House so MediaCamp is my home from home. When I moved in to this building in Nov 2007 with its sweeping staircase and grand piano in the reception I smiled. The location was good.

Part of my agreement here with Nick Max Director of CHC-Land and overseer of Lace Market House and the NoStringsAttached initiative is to provide some social media guidance, online networking advise and digital streamlining to the facilities offered to LMH resident businesses.

MediaCampNottingham is genuinely an open doors, arms thrown wide event. The venue has not been hired especially for the event it was selected and seen with the view to hold mediacamp type events in. I was enamoured with the elegance and heritage. We now have 100mb Internet but the rooms are not filled with tech. The light on spring and summer days is enchanting.

MediaCampNottingham 1 took place in May 2009 - Lace Market House is opening her doors once again on March 27th. Sessions on the schedule include...

  • The evolution of our craft. A look at working in the media - 10 years back and ten years forward - @lesanto
  • Social media for NGO's Social media ethics - @presleysylwia
  • Connecting Nottingham's creative communities online - @susioneill
  • A very public beta. Five years in... - @iainsimons
  • Anatomy of a Campaign: Drupal, Social Media and Activism - @adamsargant & John Sargent
  • Social Media and Marketing - Oh, no, not again! Don't switch of... @fmpickering
  • Pitching a Cross Platform Television Idea to Commissioning Editors - @AlecMcPhedran
  • Your Doh Ray Me of  Social Media - Lessons Learned, Journeys taken, Future travel plans - @pcmcreative

There are still 10 days to go as I write this post and already the line up is buzzing with creativity.

MediaCampNottingham is using eventbrite as booking service. Entry is free and Lace Market House's IT infrastucture supplier, Excell Group are sponsoring MediaCampNottingham's lunch so all guests signed up through the Eventbrite site will get lunch prepared by local cafe and official coffee shop for MediaCampNottingham 2010, @HungryPumpkin

This will be my favourite event of the year well apart from MediaCampNottingham 3 in the Autumn.