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Real time mobile media making for Architects Journal

EcoBuild 2011 was the largest exhibition I have ever been to. Check out the exhibitors list.

I was there with Phil Campbell @philcampbell for Architects Journal to live stream the winners announcement for Isover's Multi-Comfort House competition. The announcement lasted 20 minutes but you can't let mobile media makers loose on such an event with out them embracing the opportunity to share what they experience. In addition to the live stream (now availible to view on demand on Bambuser) we delivered live podcasts via AudioBoo and photos via Instagram capturing the essense of the largest eco and sustustainable construction-industry exibition in the UK probably Europe. EcoBuild in the US I imagine is stupidly big so I won't say "the world"!

Using social media platforms, mobile devises and tags it was possible to capture and post directly to the Architects Journal website in real-time.

I really want to do more work like this. On the ground real-time engagement at events. The preparation of the physical event is all consuming for organisers. I know I've been there. What social media practitioners like Phil & I provide is a window on all the hard work that results in successful events. Sharing the buzz and offering an alternative experience is what PCMprojects does. The potential of this coverage with considered social media engagement, matched with accomplished practitioners adds a dimension beyond the physical as well as creating a legacy archive of what took place at little or no extra cost. Cool eh? I love working on cross platform, digital curation, event amplification projects.

Must find more.

Even my photo montage edit was done on a mobile devise using an app called Slice.