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The Art of Linkedin presented by Rob Wilmot at May's Notttuesday - Archive

This event was streamed live to Bambuser using an iPhone4. 22 watched live. 3 engaged in the Bambuser chat room. A friendfeed embed if featured at the end of this post displaying 'notttuesday' tweets. If you used the word notttuesday in your tweet it will be included in the feed.

The soundbite resounding with me even now... Connect not Collect. Thanks to Rob @robwilmot for giving permission to stream and consiquently to make this session available on demand. If you watch this video and take from it some think which adds value to your existing network please contact Rob and let hin know.

Introduction taken from the official Notttuesday website

Back by popular demand, Rob Wilmot was speaking at May’s Nott Tuesday. Rob talked about the value and Art of using LinkedIn. Rob’s now a regular Nott Tuesdayer after his February talk ‘Freeserve to BCS‘. 

LinkedIn offers a fantastic opportunity to create real value for your business. Rob Wilmot from creative, PR and digital agency BCS will talk about his experience with LinkedIn and how he uses it every day to build, maintain, and leverage meaningful and mutually-beneficial relationships.

Topics covered include:

  • Managing your LinkedIn profile and reputation
  • Etiquette: How to maximise success in making connections, asking for introductions and recommendations
  • Leveraging connections whilst being useful to others
  • Building your reputation by engaging with LinkedIn groups
About Rob Wilmot

Rob co-founded Freeserve in 1998 which he exited in 2001 after seeing the venture through and IPO of £280 million, and eventual £1.6 billion sale to Wanadoo. As Freeserve CTO he was one of the youngest directors of a FTSE 100 company at the age of 29. It was whilst building Freeserve that Rob first became interested in social networking. Now, as a director of BCS, Rob evangelises about social media and helps clients navigate the possibilities and potential pitfalls of this social phenomenon.

Rob is also an executive and non-executive director and on a number of other companies and public sector boards including serving as Chairman of Doncaster College. Rob is also visiting Fellow at the University of Bradford within the School of Computing Informatics and Media, where he helps with the commercialisation of research and IP. He was made and Honorary Doctor of the University for his service to learning and the Internet in June 2010.

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