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Twitter username taken? Who owns your Twitter name?

Do you see your perfect Twitter name languishing with never a tweet or gathering dust? I do. @pcmcreative and @pcmprojects are both mine. @PCM however is not. I'd quite like it though. I found this service to track it and get notified if it becomes available.

With the announcement that taken usernames might become available in the near future, we are offering you a service to keep track of Twitter usernames when they become available. Just enter your desired Twitter username and we will send you an email as soon as the username becomes available.


The announcement was made back in January 2010 laid the way for claiming those golden names but I haven't heard much about it being invoked. The only instance being the unfortunate stripping away of @GirlGeeks by Twitter on the enquiry of a twitter user wanting to acquire the name. All very disturbing as it unfolded on Twitter. The rapid action to revoke a legitimate twitter users account permissions was a worrying development. How safe is your Twitter name?

I've registered my interest in the @PCM account and Technology on Trial a PCM's meet up will be looking at this in depth before this year is out with the events relaunching in September with legal partners RotheraDowson.

Integrity & Ethics pay off - I still believe.

From shopkeeper to B2B business – flowing motion

I don’t know too many small entrepreneurs who have a plan of action let alone show any solidarity with others.  @pcmcreative of Nottingham is an exception.


When I first met Jo we talked about a Ning based social network for her village, Olney. Her policy research and her flowingmotion blog are for me highly informative if a little intellectual for my creative 'doing' brain and I learn so much about thought process from her. Yet another inspirational connection I made at MediaCamp Bucks and London. To read a comment in conclusion to a well thought out and considered blog post I am humbled to receive such praise. Thank you Jo.

Twitter Fly Swatter - TwitBlock

TwitBlock is a junk filter and bulk blocking tool for Twitter. It scans your followers for nuisance accounts and makes it easy to block them all in one place. You can also see who you're already blocking; something you can't do on


How many people follow you on Twitter? How many do you listen to? Friends and Followers, mutual friends, for so many it seems to be a numbers game. I have far more Twitter accounts than is healthy! Admittedly these are for business, clients or pet projects but yesterday I received a lot of what looked to be spam followers. Now my thinking in the past has been, well they won't be listening to anything I say but it's a follower. I had no intention of following these back but then I realised it dilutes the quality of my following. I have always been very proud that I can flick through my followers with a pretty good idea why I picked most of them up. Some I know, some I admire, some I want to meet, some I want to work with, many have attended events I have twitter curated and followed me from there and there are many good friends who I don't see half as much as I would like.

So... after manually reporting spammers last night I asked Google "who is a bot in my followers" and @timwhitlock's TwitBlock came top. 

It found 35 bots in 850+ followers and to my delight only 1 in my friends and that was one of my own pet project which was dormant! So... How about you?

NDRR - Social Recruiting for a Networked Generation

Recruitment with touch of social. When Nottingham business owner Adam Bird told me about the NDRR concept of employers inviting talented job seekers to an event where job are on offer and the first drinks are free its seemed pretty radical. My experience of recruitment fairs was depressed, bored, appearing exhausted in some instances exhibitors saying "we employ people" always left me cold and inspired. I love this approach. Court talent, offer jobs, retain talent in the city.


Why crowdsourcing is rubbish - Is it not about context?

"Recently, Brent Council launched an online survey seeking opinions on its ‘waste messages’ – slogans and designs intended to raise awareness of the importance of recycling." via

IMG_2344 Thought you might find this interesting. Its always important to weigh up the successes and failures of any new concept. It brings in to the equation the willingness of the crowd.

I think this blog article demonstrates why there is opposition and cynicism regarding crowd-sourcing. The mindset behind the collective crowd and the motivation to participate is as important as the campaign itself, in order to source from 'The Crowd', you have to know the crowd.

I currently have a group of students investigating crowd-sourcing for PCM encompassing the entire spectrum of platforms that have arisen in recent months. Looking forward to receiving their report and presentation.

Hearing a crowdsourcing talk at a 2011 BAFA roadshow and observing the blank uncomprehending faces around me I could see that no matter how awesome the concept they didn't have the social networking capability to realise a project funded in this way.

I wanted to know more about how as a resource I can help companies tap in to the power of the crowd.

I spoke to crowdsource platform developer Nick Wright on my web show