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Twitter username taken? Who owns your Twitter name?

Do you see your perfect Twitter name languishing with never a tweet or gathering dust? I do. @pcmcreative and @pcmprojects are both mine. @PCM however is not. I'd quite like it though. I found this service to track it and get notified if it becomes available.

With the announcement that taken usernames might become available in the near future, we are offering you a service to keep track of Twitter usernames when they become available. Just enter your desired Twitter username and we will send you an email as soon as the username becomes available.


The announcement was made back in January 2010 laid the way for claiming those golden names but I haven't heard much about it being invoked. The only instance being the unfortunate stripping away of @GirlGeeks by Twitter on the enquiry of a twitter user wanting to acquire the name. All very disturbing as it unfolded on Twitter. The rapid action to revoke a legitimate twitter users account permissions was a worrying development. How safe is your Twitter name?

I've registered my interest in the @PCM account and Technology on Trial a PCM's meet up will be looking at this in depth before this year is out with the events relaunching in September with legal partners RotheraDowson.