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Molly, 8, raises money for Age UK in memory of her great-grandma - Grantham Area News - Grantham Journal


I am so proud of my niece Molly. We are constantly fed media of how degenerate and dysfunctional the younger generations have become but there is a conscience emerging where philanthropy and environment are recognised as part of the future good.

Molly has undertaken this charity venture out of a continued sense of sadness that her Great Grandma, my Grandma having past away still makes her feel.

The persistence of memory is I think changing as the mass media and media capturing devises negate our powers of long term memory. Are we living our lives through a lens? When you look at photos from your holiday do you remember taking the photo or the moment you captured?

Memories do fade over time and gives way to nostalgia which is connected more to the collective memory of a time, place or experience.

I will be following Molly on her fundraising journey. She is also holding a car boot sale. proud. Read the article.