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Knowing Me, Knowing You. - Audiences Europe Network

Some of the audience went away frustrated: we don’t have the time and money to do this stuff – we’re just too busy they said. Social media is hard! The answer? Stop doing things and start doing others. Give up paper publicity, move over to digital. Allow your audiences to tell you what they think, like or hate. Trust them. Invest in your relationships. Fly baby fly.


I'm gearing up to the final 'On the Ground' PCM projects' outing of the year. The New Technologies for New Audiences is an event for Audience Development professionals across Europe. Yes that includes the UK! This blog post by Audiences Europe's administrator and director Rich Hadley at a recent digital culture event in Birmingham tagged #HelloCulture11 is an example of why I enjoy working with the organisation. Looking forward to getting back in to blogging flow as this year comes to a close.