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We live in a consumer world and social media is a B2C portal especially if style, lifestyle, reputataion or status are affected in the 'liking'. We are after all social beings although at times the bafflement and suprise that social media is even here makes me wonder about folks some times. Businesses can be social with businesses. I don't think I would have continued with my own business if social media hadn't connected me with my business community and peer group.

This excerpt is from an Econsultancy post examining the rising awareness and interest in B2B social media engagement.

I love that it all started with experimentation and gave them a 'taste' for forthing thier social media activity.

The post by Tim Cawsey begins, My company Gemalto, a digital security provider listed in Paris, had begun experimenting with social media communications on a project basis and got a taste for it.

However, we realised if we wanted to do it well we needed to look at it strategically. While every company has a different internal culture, target markets and social media maturity, I’ve identified the following five steps that can be applied to creating a B2B social media strategy:

  1. Take time to create a strategy.
  2. Map your audiences’ online media habits and identify your influencers.
  3. Share social media responsibility and train internally.
  4. Focus on the right social networks for you.
  5. Plan campaigns but don’t forget to be reactive.

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