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Introducing - The Lace House - Notttuesday June 2012

2012-05-25 13.45.28The discovery of The Lace House was delightful. The potential for casual co-working is tangible. The light is wonderful, the seating chic and comfortable, the hospitality warm and engaging, the space absolutely perfect for PCM style events. I like the place! Sach the owner is treading a path of sustanable realistic development mirroring the FibreCamp ethos of sharing and word of mouth to get thier 'show on the road'

Get an event in ASAP, I thought... So,

This months Notttuesday is being hosted by The Lace House a new cocktail bar specialising in Rums and is super close to PCM HQ at Lace Market House. 

As ever Nick Barker has lined up a speaker to provide perspective on our technology driven businesses and insight to those interested in tech in general.

This month is Ian Fletcher Chief Technology Officer of Workflow and Playout. He was formerly CTO at OmniBus Systems and is responsible for the development of the iTX automated playout system used in many TV production houses around the world.


2012-05-25 13.44.56

The hefty co working table (shown above) lends it self to group dining too. Bhooka, 'Hyper Local' gourmet curry, lunch time delivery service have offered to deliver later in the day especially for us. There are 12 places at the table, would you like to eat before the main event? Cost: £3 a head << use this link to reserve a place. Food will arrive at 5.45.

More info about The Lace House...
The venue is new, the website is not live yet... FaceBook is though

Whether you want to join us for food or to attend as usuall for drinks and a good speaker, this venue will I hope, delight you too. Our usual venue has an in-house event preventing us from hosting there this time. I hope you will find your way to The Lace House. See you Tuesday!

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