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BassBuds - The Sound of Fashion.

I need a new set of headphones. A set came with my iPhone but they never stay in my ears. They alway feel as if they will fall out at any moment. There are 2 reasons I use headphones. One, is to privately listen to music and the other is to isolate sound while listening to playback audio during recording or for later when editing video or audio podcasts. Oh and a third, I have a 'pillow speaker' this lays beneath my pillow with my ear placed over it I can listen to late night Radio 4 and World Service without disturbing my partner who is an astonishingly light sleeper.

In the post came my BassBuds and a request to write a review. First impressions… Oooo pretty. Sapphire blue and silver with cut crystals in the backs of the ear buds. Integrated mic for hands-free but in reality I always feel a bit silly using hands free and I never seem to be able to hear the caller. Anti-tangle cable, now that has an appeal. 

I must confess I'm not a follower of fashion trends I prefer my own style. Carefully selected accessories and colour accent appeals to me though. Purple resonates with me so too do blues and teals.


Classic Collection BassBuds - "Your colour, your style"

2012-11-22 00.58.44Mine are blue (left) and I've grown quite fond of them. The embedded crystals are a stylish touch, the question is however as ear phones what are they like?

How does music sound using them?

I have worked with professional audio engineers and I have been instructed to listen to sound through pro standard closed can headphones and the reproduction is markedly superior to a domestic end products. 

These are in-ear and as I mentioned at the start they never stay in. The only sets I have came with devises they were intended for. The first ones for personal stereos could only sound as good as the devise was capable of producing. With a devise producing good audio I can distinguish between base and treble accents. Clear sound, rich sound, muted, dull, tinny and balanced are terms I understand.

Swoping between headphones I can identify depth of sound and reproduction quality depending of course on the quality of the output source.

Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology? As technical specifications go BassBuds sadly seems to follow a 'now for the science bit' advertisement.

But... I have to reiterate the products tagline,

BaseBuds - "Your colour, your style"

these are a fashion accessory a personal statement. In this approaching age of the quantified-self every element can be customised, every one can be an individual. Brand identity and affiliation are important in our tribal social society. BassBuds are part of you, reflecting your chromatic resonance.


IMG_3259I mentioned that in-ear head phones never stay in my ears. Included in the box are 3 sets of earbuds in 3 sizes; small, medium and large in black memory some, clear and black silicone buds. Small clear silicone are just the trick.

Are you going to check them out? -

Are you looking for a new set of in-ear phones?

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Disclosure: I received a set of BassBuds in exchange for publishing this post

PS! a pet hate of mine, the misuse of QR opportunity. Never send a QR code scan to a standard home page especially if it's not mobile friendly. Engagement, up sell, Facebook like, twitter follow, instruction manual or best of all a secret special offer. The options are numerous. 

In the Heart of Creativity?

Broadway LaceMarket CreativeQuarter
It was great news when I discovered the City Deal was won on the strengths of Nottingham's most creative area of the city, The Lace Market. It's a beautiful area briming with industrial georgian architure the Lace and Rag trade left its mark on this modern day creativity fueled area. It's testiment to the established businesses and creative practitioners resident in the buildings that this recognition has been gained. But what happens now the business suits come to town?

I'm worried.

This is the start of something to colour our city for a decade. It's immediate milestone seems to be Nottingham's digital web TV station launching in 2014. Not just a channel but an independent media powerhouse. The layering of the Ultraband project to bring high speed, low latency fibre broadband to the area, a connectivity triangle of Confetti Media School, Broadway Media Centre and BioCity is a tantalising project. Rumour has it that this will extend down Stoney Street and up High Pavement to embrace the city's most prestigious Arts venue Nottingham Contemporary. Rumour and conjecture are however not points of fact.

As an independent social technologies practitioner and event produce primarily working with Arts, Culture, Hertitage and Tourism audience developers the success of this 'City Deal' program will be the audience it generates be they participants, consumers or creators. Business needs to identify which of these it is going to entertain. This is where the revenue comes from to feed the cycle of creative production needed for artists to survive.

Audience should not be secondary and as a project of this scale evolves the audience will demand new objectives until it reaches sustainability a conclusion which succeeds on the winning the hearts and minds of the general public.

More on this I have no doubt. There is an undercurrent of engagement between the resident creatives including the appointment of Rikki Marr as Creative Quarter ambassador. Please make be be able to write positively about the Creative Quarter's progress. I also fear for the potential to exploit independent creatives luring them with promises of content exposure.

Resources... what is the City Deal? This will evolve and grow as I follow the poject across social web platforms. Valuable social media conversation on Twitter will be included to develop a picture for those os us below the radar of the traditional promotional roots.