Happy New Year... a PCM digital welcome to 2015.
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This is your Post by Email address

Welcome back to the digital office! I spend far too much time online but since reframing my activities in terms of being an audience producer it makes much more sense. There is a lot of ambient monitoring to enable me to be authoritative in my chosen field and to maintain communication channels with fellow audience practitioners.

Productivity and efficient working practice plus the management, maintenance and monitoring and of my own digital toolkit and footprint are the items I use to advise my clients. PCM is a practice what you preach practice.

This post has been made using the post via email feature available in Typepad (my primary blogging platform) I've recently done some house keeping from the dashboard. I'm always dubious about the resulting posts using 'via email' options. The last thing I want is a mess of additional stray text like an email signature to contaminate my post. I decided the only way to find out what results from a 'via email' post to Typepad is to do one.

*post posting I visited by new post and I was confronted by my biggest irritation!
All this was appended to my post!*

On 5 January 2015 at 13:40, <XXXX@typepad.com> wrote:

Dear pcmcreative,

Here is the secret email address for your "PCM creative in action" blog. Reply to this
email to post directly to your blog. Or add the email address to your
contacts to quickly send a post:


Don't give this out to anyone unless you want them to post by email to
your blog too!

The Typepad Team

* After a hasty edit  *

So ensuring a clear email is probably best! But now I know. Posting 'via email' also doesn't assign a category or cross post to my social media accounts. It doesn't add keywords or generate an excerpt. 

In conclusion.
For a speedy update an email is a fast update option for this blog. For cloud composition a gateway app is probably going to be a better option. I had lined up Blogsy to provide this facility but I haven't really explored it properly. On my Mac, in a browser I like to post from the Typepad platform it gives me a sense of destination to carry out the task at hand; The writing of a blog post. I'm not always at my desk however so 'on the move' I'll be establishing a practice of using Blogsy for typepad.