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The Digital Audience Experience - insights

When the PCM Bloggers Lounge was born.

PCM (Caron Lyon and Phil Campbell) offer for those who want more from their live stream a Digital Audience Experience (DAEx) for live performances, festivals and conferences in association with Audiences Europe Network.

Very_Agency_on_Instagram__“Apparently__this_is_the_blogger_lounge_-_we_ve_got_plenty_of_coffee__water_and_hashtags___hashtag__artsaud14__verycommunities”Combined Bloggers Lounge and Continuity Studio at Arts and Audiences 2014 in Reykjavik

The foundation of a DAEx is the Bloggers Lounge, a hub in which digital divas and dudes pause to drink coffee, tweet to their own networks, scan QR codes to collect offers and sponsor codes, blog, make notes or… and this is the important bit charge their iDevises with the confidence that when they return they will still be there. But be warned, should you use the facility you will probably be interviewed and tweeted, audioboo’d or instagram’d. GalleryCamp hosted PCM’s first Bloggers Lounge, the building block of a credible Digital Audience Experience.

This intro text was written for the Gallerycamp Fringe held in Derby's Media Centre, Quad. Bloggers Lounge was an exclusive for #Gallerycamp14… the very first PCM Bloggers Lounge in the DAEx journey. The photo above is the Bloggers Lounge resulting from the GalleryCamp premier when Phil and I hosted the first DAEx in Iceland at the Arts and Audiences annual conference.

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