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Announcement: 2016 EquityOLB Archiving and January Meeting

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This post appeared first in the Equity Online Branch's Chat Room - written by ME :)

This time last year the online branch working party were making the final preparations for the Online Branch to enter its 6-mth open to all pilot.

We finally opened our digital doors on March 1st [article in The Stage LINK] and following the 6-months period which ended in August 2016 we presented a report on our progress to the September meeting of the Equity Council.


From the conclusion of that meeting and the consequent press releases, [article in The Stage LINK] we have been an official Equity General Branch and open for business. In accordance with the branch's rules, we held an election for a committee and before 2016 closed we scheduled the very first Online Branch Committee Video Meeting.

The 2016 - 2018 committee are

  • George Callander
  • Clifford Lee Evans
  • Caron Jane Lyon << Moderator / Chair
  • Helen Raw
  • Rhubarb the Clown
  • Nana St Bartholomew-Brown
  • Paul Valentine << Public Relations Officer (PRO)

2016 Archiving

The nature of the forum facilities we have in the branch (a long and different story) means every conversation appears in the main chat room in chronological order based on the last comment posted. Some topics have a lot of attention (and controversy) and others fell silent after a few members viewed and the subject didn't find traction. To begin the new year I thought it a good idea to perform some housekeeping.


As the Moderator and Chair of the branch keeping an active relevant dialogue in the chatroom is a challenge. Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts are numerous across the Equity membership catering for many interests, The Ensemble Musical Theatre and Tape for Self Tape Facebook groups being two very active digital communities for working entertainment industry professionals. They are easy to access, well frequented and tends to be where the day to day, industry focused dialogue with fellow professionals takes place. Not everyone is in the Facebook club and everyone is at different networks staged of thier career.

The Online Branch in comparison sometimes feels like a backwater community hall that smells of calor gas and fires up a large cylinder hot water urn before the arrival of its guests! But have no doubt, it is a vital entity provided a port from the digital storm. It's an umbrella with a broken spoke, its a brazier burning a hearty welcome in the dark to the weary! It's a work in progress and progress is being made.

The Equity Online Branch is for the members, compiled by the members and the solution despite being budgeted for by Equity was fraught with conceptual gravitas. What should something never created before but exists in physical look like, behave and operate? We had no professional developer working with us just a development company trying it's best to provide what we summised was needed. The client is not always right and definitely in need of informed guidance. (again long and different story!)

I'll just say that housekeeping is required and only dialogue with the members to include their input can to be done through a post... this post... which posting here is having some inserted accented to offer context to non-Equity and non-branch members. If you are an Equity member please do join the branch - bit.ly/olbjoin

Housekeeping at the start of the year is to enble 2017 growth without too many brambles!

I continued...

If there is a topic you would like to retain in the chatroom please open it up, provide a summarising post and hit the 'post my comment' button.

Following the January meeting of the committee the chat room will be archived. Any thread can be accessed on request after that point. If anyone would like to take a post and provide an editorial piece for the Equity Everywhere newsletters please share your interest with me.

January Meeting

Once the date of the committee meeting has been finalised I will inform the branch as a whole as I will be running a drop-in opportunity for any branch members to join in for a chat and offer suggestions for future activities of the branch.

I do hope you all (please add a comment to tell me who you are) had a great Christmas and New Year.

I am looking forward to meeting as many of the Online Branch members as I can in 2017.

And in the context of this post I hope readers will sign up to the Entertainment and Creative Industry online events I'm planning for 2017.

Sign UP (form on the PCM Online Branch Page)

Best Wishes for 2017