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Sharing Makes Me Happy


You don't have to spend money to give a gift that has value to the recipient. More and more of those closest to me expressed an instruction of ' just no more stuff' or requested, 'gifts you can poo', sharing digital assets that have value to me seemed like a good gift.  There was also a proliferation of 'I'm not doing cards, I'm donating to charity', or simply 'I'm not doing cards'. Personally, I find cards necessary at Christmas because they help me actually evaluate who I know and who I want in my life. It also makes me reflect on those I've drifted from, and opportunity also for staying in touch with those in my life who are not digital.

Having been an avid YouTube consumer in 2016 one of my favourite channels became my digital gift. 'Today I Found Out' has proved to be consistently informative. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. Today I Found Out has been a wealth of ... 'well, now I know' moments.

This year Dan and I included this card in with our posted Christmas cards.


I reconnected with an old friend who I often see on Facebook but haven't spoken to for years. I discovered several connections I hadn't heard from and recognised that card exchanges need thought and shouldn't be reflex in this age where reading an update lulls us into a sense that we know what is going on in someone's life. Is there anybody there was a cry in my mind. 2016 I thought a lot about Legacy and I guess the end of the year was a reflection on that too.

Digital dulls my consciousness as well as firing up my passions. It required metered respect.

There were a lot of people who ended up on my list but I didn't get through it before the year ended.

To you reading this post I hope you return throughout the year. 

January is going to be a jigsaw puzzle month. If you want to be in the picture get in touch. I have lots of edge pieces but not much picture. No 2017 box right now!

Happy New Year

I selected this "Today I Found Out" playlist for you, reading my primary blog.