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Playlist Power Moves



Since I first discovered folksonomic tagging in Flickr making dynamic updating photo albums and in turn hashtagging on Twitter a thing, I've always been on the lookout for embeddable elements when and new platform or service emerges. RSS has a similar transmutable superpower but its prevalence seems to be waning. It this superpositioning-stylie capability of putting content in one place and have it populate elements places elsewhere that I find super useful.

You can do this with YouTube's playlists. Did you know that a playlist embedded in a website or blog will automatically display the videos assigned to that playlist from the service? So each day I create a video for the SSSVEDA "VlogEvery Day April" challenge and assign them to the PCM - SSSVEDA 2018 playlist embedded above from YouTube on upload every instance of the playlist will autonomously update too.

Cool huh?

The simple pleasures of Social Media! YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lots more support embeddability (not sure that is a word!). It can really help populate a clients website is they have a social media output dialogue with customers or their audience. They are great for blog sidebars too.

My goto RSS embed generator service is FeedWind

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