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Inviting you to a Social Media Spring Clean

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You conceive the workshop, plan the workshop, secure a venue including connectivity for remote access, your settle on dates then its time to get the word out. The fear is always... and I mean always... What if no one comes? The reason these kinds of workshops get planned is that the word on the street, everyone you meet  seems to confirm that if you ran a workshop about this [insert conversation topic where pearls of wisdom although obvious to you really light up the face to the recipient] it would be well-received coz everyone want this knowledge.  From experience, this is not as easy as it seems when in the heat of that revelation of an idea for a workshop when mid conversation!  

But, and here is my latest hurdle to trip me up... I can make it into an eBook! Then struggle to reclaim the time to satisfactorily produce said eBook. This is 2019, the start where optimism I can maintain my momentum is still fresh and wonderous. Here I go... The Social Media Spring Clean.

The Social Media Media Spring Clean is series of repeated sessions, 2hr practical workshop followed by 2hrs complimentary co-working time in Minor Oak providing working time to put what you learn into action.

What will be covered?
The Social Media Spring Clean.

We will untangle email bringing contacts and your inbox under control.
How many email addresses do you have? Can you access them all? 

We will find all your social media profiles for a digital detox.
How many social media accounts? Have you logged them? What about usernames and passwords?

We will help you establish a professional email address.
Are you using an @hotmail or @notmyowndomain email address? 

We will examine your online reputation.
What does your online profile say about you?