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Equity's 2019 Committee Elections Campaigning in Full Swing.


I can not express to you how important this is to me. I vote in my local council elections I vote in the General elections. The impact Equity Elections has on me is far more immediate. This year the Committee's are being elected. Next year, in 2020 the biennial cycle of Equity's democracy comes full circle with the election of the Council. 

CandidateBkltEquityZineThe candidate booklet arrived with the Summer Magazine. No other time other than election time do I get to see fellow members who are as passionate as I am about supporting fellow members of our industry. 

A friend once told me, to accept existential commitment you had to realise that you can't help everyone, but consciously direct your support while navigating a path through life with eyes wide and your ethics on show. Be Authentic, Be Humble, Be Engaged.

In a nutshell that is why I am an active Equity member. It's my way of giving back to the industry that fulfilled my childhood dreams.

Now as a grown up having the democratic facility to make a contribution with union involvement is life-affirming. I am in the right place even if I'm not rich and famous!

I do hope you vote. I hope that reading this increases your desire to actually vote! I've been in the thinking about it and missing out camp. The committee election ballot can be completed online. You will have got an email with details and the info is on the paper ballot forms that arrived with the Summer Magazine.

What to know a little bit more?

Jason Broderick and yours truly are hosting 2 live EquityElection webcasts on Facebook.

The agenda will be guided by the committees as we go through the ballot paper and by the Magazine, so if you want to talk about an article in the magazine book a slot to join us too. Hey come and talk about your branch activity also if you have something to share.

A "Remember it time and Whats it's all about?" episode on Monday 8th for an hour from 2 pm and a "Final Call" Last Chance Livestream for 2hrs on Thursday 11th July from 3 pm - 5 pm. Final Call because voting closes at noon on the 12th and... its theatre darling!

There will be a hot seat for candidates to join us on screen and a chat stream monitored by the awesome Helen Raw. These aren't official Equity events just members making media!

Join us.

If you want to join Me and Jason on the screen let me know what time, we have 15 mins slots from 2.30 pm.