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PCM - Lunch Time Livestream

Thursday 20th February #Dyslexia and #Democracy

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It almost didn't happen. 10 minutes before the first soundcheck my MacBook decided to display the spinning beachball of doom from a restart initiated over 30 min previous. I was able to make the decision to swap out my ageing Mac for MinorOaks backup for loan Chromebook. All went well. You aren't going to get studio quality from the Lunchtime Livestreams... why? All guests are invited for their relevance and not their tech provision! I have lined Casee's album below if you want to hear the studio mastered version of the playout song, Super and the Hummingbird Album embedded from Bandcamp. 

00.00 - #Dyslexia: Talk with Tracey Briggs about Dyslexia
32.15 - #Democracy with Tracey Briggs about Equity's Annual Reps Conference CALL TO ACTION
42.45 - #Democracy with Tracey Briggs and introducing Musician's Union members Casee Wilson
46.44 -  All about Transformation Concert, Gem's Fundraiser.
50.57 - Casee plays Super from her recent album Hummingbird
Welcome to series 2 of the PCM Lunchtime Livestreams. This stream had me talking with Birmingham based actor Tracy Briggs about experiences with Dyslexia and how it impacts day to day as an entertainment professionals working in the live performance, Film and Screen sectors in particular. Should this be a 6 episode show of its own?
I then discussed the upcoming Equity Member Representatives Conference and the activity happing now to get motions onto the agenda. Bit of Equity and then welcomed my play out guest singer-songwriter Casee Wilson to add an MU perspective. I knew Casee was hosting and playing at a fundraising concert for her partner Gem who is embarking on a Female to Male transgender life change. The NHS wait is long and the surgeries are costly so Casee and fellow musicians are playing a concert to raise money for Gen's transition top surgery.
The concert takes place in York at The Fullford Arms on March First. For further information message Casee via her Professional Facebook Page www.facebook.com/caseewilson
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Listen to Hummingbird on BandCamp - Album £7 to download.

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