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Leisure vs Living - At war with myself

Falling through consciousness


Without mindless compulsive scrolling through Facebook and Twitter I have an opportunity to be mindful. To be in the present.

Not a great night sleep and woke with a sinus ache in my eyes. It’s the 30th.

I did some project orientation yesterday for my first large project of 2021. I’ve been engaged to provide digital Stagemanagement for Spark Arts annual festival which is blending ground and cloud offers to create a 60/40 programme. My work is to manage 3 online spaces, receive the programmed shows, provide tech host support, show call, facilitate audience access and integrate communications with the ground production teams. Make the digital program run.

Today I’m initiating first contact.

My first task is to produce the festivals launch event. There are 2. One for local business champions with arts leaning philanthropic interests. The festival has overheads and tapping into artistic social responsibility missions to welcome support is essential. The second is to announce to the family audience and schools the festival happens for is happening.

Not all the 2021 branding is in place and the registration links to attend the launch events on January 12th are not yet live but you can sign up to their mailing list.
You can also express interest here in the blog comments.