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Livescribe - Lonely in Lockdown

Death by PowerPoint but...

Death by PowerPoint but a picture can convey a thousand words. Picture slides for presentations are most effective when used to illustrate or reinforce the points being made by the speaker. 

Tonight as TheSparkArts launched their 2021 festival for children my role was to stagemanage the Zoom bit. 

I’m able to share 7 slides that provide a distilled insight in to What, When, Why, When, Who, How of this festival as well as a QR code to enable donations to support the festival and SparkArts ongoing projects and programmes.

A 5% glimpse - Take a look at the full programme

These were all used as accent / titling slides. They sat beside the onscreen host. They punctuated the progression of the message.








While tech hosting I use the virtual background facility with my camera covered to make this possible. 

Closed Caption subtitles and live transcript were provided using Otter.

Spark Festival is GO