Livescribe - Lonely in Lockdown

Flood Alert

Long Eaton has a history of flooding. Much of that is historical now but the flood defences dominate the landscape if you know where to look. West Park a beautiful local gem and oasis of calm is a flooding release valve. I’m sure it has a proper name but I don’t know the technical terms. Along the canal and the river are steep earth banks and acres of scrub land. It’s wild and abandoned as I expect it’s of no use except for flood protection.

I was aware of the flood risk in Long Eaton. Although well protected insurance was not offered from all companies I approached for quotes.

I did sign up to the national flood alert system and I get simultaneous text alerts and warnings which does startle me and Dan, my other half.

How do you evaluate the danger? Since being here there have been numerous text alerts and warnings.

My first port of call is to the to Flood Alert



The Gauge Map 


The gauge map is particularly reassuring and I check the data upstream at Sandiacre and downstream at Cranfleet Lock.