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Logic Dictates

I reluctantly use Zoom to host audiences. To reach an audience in Facebook or YouTube I favour StreamYard. To run a conference I wrap it in Konf or Hopin. To syndicate a podcast I use Anchor. To directly engage a crowd I go Crowdcast. It’s all about the audience experience.

Zoom has been my reluctant work horse because of otter.ai. It’s transcription service and closed captions application supports the foundations of access so vital for inclusion. 

Eventbrite has been the ticketing platform that I return to. Selling tickets before COVID and integrating an online component had its challenges. Only one confirmation notice. To the physical audience where I often had 2 audiences the ground and the cloud attendees. 

A current project is selling tickets on Eventbrite for events taking place on Zoom. Every show has a separate Zoom link. Every performance of that show has a separate zoom link. Issuing tickets with access for a festival across multiple online spaces. 

Sign up on Eventbrite... register on Zoom, Zapier does that bit. If someone registers on Eventbrite, Zapier triggers Zoom to create a registration to the correct performance. 

The proof it works reliably will come in the day ahead.

Spark Festival 2021 - check it out https://bit.ly/sparkarts21-event-listings