Too soon to cry.
Metronomic Mindfulness

One day that will always be mine.

Birthday day. I tend to be quite reflective. This year has been particularly wonderful.

I had parcels and letters.


...and because I hadn’t been on Facebook I checked to see if I would get any birthday messages and its been wonderful.

I’m not one to think of myself as having close friends. I am content to spend the majority of my time with the love of my live. We have been together 26 years now and I look forward to 26 more.

The Dawn of digital has altered how we frame the notion of friend and kin ship. It’s a blend of digital consciousness and physical presence. What gives the deepest meaning. I love to see people thrive and live. I love to see discoveries and triumphs. It’s only when I encounter people that kin ship is reinforced.

Friendships are forged and online or off that connection is real. Meeting off line or 1-2-1 only at a push turn up kinship. It tangibly deeper.

I aspire to be the best me I can be. I am notoriously bad at knowing instinctively if I I liked. I certain do not attribute myself with memorability.

So I wander the world invariably being in it but unsure of the part I play in it. 

Having a Facebook Twitter Instagram break deliver to me the affection I felt when I returned to Facebook coz I didn’t want to rude by not accepting, reading and responding to messages.

I tend to be overwhelmed with awkwardness when peopling. Do they think of me in the terms I know them. I can only be me. I connect with the data the internet opens up and it delights me. It is light and easy. To know but not be known. To experience is limited to who you are. You can be brave or hidden, passionate or reserved, sublime or subdued.

I will reflect on this day and eat fudge!

Thank you to all my friends, you messages mean a lot. I am humbled at being in your thoughts and claiming just a fragment of you scrolling energies.