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Over Christmas a LinkedIn message was received on the TEDx events in Nottingham group

Hello. I'm just looking to connect with people involved with TED, having set up TEDxRushcliffesalon in Nottingham. Best wishes, Amy

Amy has been running a TED discussion group in Gamston, Nottingham for the past 3 years. Those taking part recently discussed making it a Nottingham-wide group and the possibility of putting on a TEDx event in the future. 

TEDx events in Nottingham is something I’d like to continue.

Tonight was the first digital TEDxRushcliffesalon of the year. Two TED talks had been proposed and links sent a few weeks ago. The 1 hr zoom tonight was then a conversation informed by the talks.

Try something new for 30 days from Matt Cutts at TED 2011

The second selected talk The best stats you've ever seen from Hans Rosling at TED2006

If you’d like to be in the loop when the next event talked place contact Amy.
Here is the post I responded too.