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Anatomy of the internet pt2

The World Wide Web

It might come as a surprise but The Internet isn’t just the World Wide Web.

The www we are so ubiquitously familiar with is just the pretty visual corner. Email isn’t The Web either! It’s a protocol that runs on it... on The Internet.

I love that about the Internet. So ubiquitous yet dark depths we have no notion of. However, chances are you have heard of the Dark Web.

 http for the web, ftp for file transfers, and mailto for email. The most common in use.

The WWW We have Tim Berners Lee to thank. The father of URL the universal resources locator.

This knowledge of the Internet and its components is for me very important. It’s magnitude and potential, the way it’s overlooked as understood. Knowing it’s more. It’s will evolved and more.

Yet... vanity and vacuousness of social self, grease and pitch dulling a gem.