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Devoted & Disgruntled 16 - Day 2

Devoted & Disgruntled 16 - Day 1

  • 2015 DD10 in London but I was so ill I couldn’t leave my accommodation
  • 2016 DD11 my first in Birmingham
  • 2016 the Brexit vote and any chance to further opportunities with Audiences Europe Network ended. 
  • 2017 DD12 in Bristol (I was lost in circumstance)
  • 2018 DD 13 in London (I was lost in circumstance)
  • 2019 DD 14 in Northampton
  • 2020 DD 15 in London was to be a push towards... I’m not really sure.

D&D had become a beacon of progress since 2017 in Birmingham which resulted in meeting Charlotte Gregory which led to working with New Optimists Food Crime musical The Hand That Feeds. I met at that D&D after 20 years, Chris Grady. 2019 had been spent making anything happen. I was in despair. Pushing to make a mark. So began 2020

I didn’t even have the balance in my bank account to fund the train fair to London. This was the point I had to think a new way about the year ahead. I had some savings which I cashed in. The question being would I find a way to earn money or reach the end of the year penniless once more. 

Today at the 2021 DD 16 I recounted this chronology on several occasion. It has been an overwhelming day. Despite retaining my savings and finding projects following the emergence of a pandemic. “What do you do?” changed in 2020 to “Do you do?” I’m far from knowing what the future holds.

First list of 2020 recalled projects

  • Producers Pool online - zoom setup consult
  • The Larder - zoom setup consult
  • Guest lecturer - Mountview Theatre School, Creative Producer MA
  • Consulting Digital Producer - Mountview CPMA Catalyst In The Cloud graduation showcase.
  • Producer - Equity’s Online General Secretary Election Hustings
  • Creative Producer & Digital SM - Green Lib Dem’s annual conference
  • Creative Producer & Digital SM - Arkwright Society Industrial Revolution Conference
  • Digital SM - Notnow Collective - Online live screen the play, Pepper & Honey
  • Digital SM / Showcaller - Ashgate Heritage Arts - produced for YouTube CrookedSpire Musical
  • Royal Historical Society - Digital SM / Showcaller (Zoom Webinar lectures)
  • Consulting Digital Producer / Digital SM - Spark Arts for Children - Spark Festival 
  • LucyLocket Storytime - Creative Producer
  •  LucyLocket Bloggers Programme - Creative Producer
  • Assisting creative producer Kate McStraw
  • Cromford Mills digital visitor experience funded R&D - Creative Producer

With my Dyslexia I forget. Short term fades fast but long term intensifies with passing time. I feel fortunate to be at this point. Making it through 2020.

2021 my word is Mindfulness Back in 2017 at Birmingham D&D it was Legacy.

D&D this year is 6th, 7th and 8th Feb. This was my reflection on Day 1. I spent a frenetic day and ended with my mind exhausted by the sessions called. I will refocus for day 2 to bring away some threads of the sessions called.