Devoted & Disgruntled 16 - Day 1
There’s an app for that! Time shifting a .srt file

Devoted & Disgruntled 16 - Day 2

Stage or screen, live or pre recorded. What is live? Is it about the perception of the audience? The collective experience the audience have together? 

What is there is a single observer with a live performer? is it live? Does it matter if it’s online or offline? The audience member can effect the performance through intent or breaking behavioural norms. What is live?

A scheduled screening of a captured performance with 50 people joining to watch with an available chat option that is left silent. Is it live? To be live it must have an audience that arrives and leaves with a mechanics to enable and facilitate an awareness of crowd?

You are there. 

If an extraordinary experience it’s the opportunity to express to others, “You had to be there”.

Whether its Physical, Digital or Virtual, On demand perceived from the performance perspective makes the notion of live “being there” whether the artist, creative or performer is delivering live. 

What if the team is in or part of the audience? A simple welcome to introduce the video being screened. Hosting a Q&A following the watched experience.

On demand is the alternative to live. Online. On demand is when you choose. Watch any time from the start to finish.
Where does cinema fit into the perception equation?