A stitch in time
Watch this space! #IgniteLiv

Outside at Cromford.

The outside world loomed large today. I ventured out to Cromford Mill to conduct a geolocation audit.

A what now?

A visit to a specific location to reference and document logged visitor/audience/customer / residential activity on apps, platforms and services that can only be accessed when within a geographic radius.

There are a myriad of gamification opportunities. Gamification takes an objective and makes attaining that objective fun. It’s the foundation of social media.

It's important to be informed about the platforms being used. As much fun as they are there can be some sinister implication in regards to data and user behaviour.

Often the activity drives a behaviour the creator wants to encourage. On Facebook for example its to learn as much about you in order to sell to you and sell that attention to advertisers.

The other use, and this is my use is the transit of users to locations for an extended or richer experience for the user or in Cromford’s case visitors.

The platforms I’m most interested in are

  • Foursquare for business and it’s public side app Swarm
  • Munzee


Munzee is the next generation in global scavenger hunt games. You Track down QR Codes hidden in the real world and capture them for points. Whether you are a casual player, an avid explorer, or a hardcore competition enthusiast, Munzee helps you rediscover the world around you. Perfect for an ambient visitor experience in such a beautiful location as Cromford.

  • Wallaby


WallaBee is 50% Collecting Game, 50% GeoLocation, and 100% Community. WallaBee is free to play its is a self-funded startup from Munzee.

  • GeoCaching


Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt happening right now, all around you. There are millions of geocaches worldwide. Geocaches are found in parks, urban areas, forests, deserts, on top of mountains, underwater — pretty much anywhere you can imagine. Definitely an attractive draw for visitors. It will encourage exploration of the area.

  • AllTrails


All Trails is user community curated walks and trails.