Multi tasking
The glitz and the swag. The bling and the brags. #FEI

Rehearse, Repeat, Perfect, Reiterate and Relax

When will I do this again?

What if I never do this again?

How am I ever going to be able to do this again?

Where will it be?

Who for?

My first Equity contract job was with Forest Forge Theatre. One show, and when the contract ended I wondered whether I’d get another job. I signed on (coz you could do that back then) and I’ll never forget sitting in front of a DSS worker and being reminded that I had to be looking for full time work.

I understood and reiterated that I was a stage manager and I am looking for full time work.

And then... and I quote… “No full time, theatres only open at 7.30”

My Gast was Blabbered! and if I hadn’t been the person this was said to I’d say it was apocryphal.

I think for some out side the industry there is this mythos.The magic of theatre isn’t really magic its hard work and rehearsal!

I complete a series of live shows staged on Zoom. Bangers and MadhUps, MmmAhhWhoosh and Potato Needs a Bath.

I felt the anticipation as the audience counter increased. The exhilaration after so long when ‘lets go’ was messages to me in backstage chat and I responded ‘fading’ before fading the music and the opening announcement, festival branded bumper video plays counts down and the live show begins.

It’s just a small experience but oh boy the severity of lockdown on the live performance sector is heartbreaking.

The joy of iteration, getting opportunities to do over and get it right. To change the timing to try something different.

The simple joy of live performance.

When, Where, How, What, Who?

As the light appears at the end of the pandemic tunnel where will you be this time next year?