WTF - Zoom
Multi tasking

#SparkFestival Day 1


  • Zoom - stage and auditorium 
  • WhatsApp - backstage communication
  • iTunes - computer sound sharing into zoom for audience music
  • Quick Time - Video player for screen-sharing the festival branded intro and outro videos.
  • Everything in between being live.

All together for the 2nd of today’s live zoomed gigs. Bangers and Mashups with Akshay Sharma aka Mr Shay.

Same set up this is a buckles and braces livestream show set up. It’s the foundation of The PCM Extend the Audience ethos. The first show of the day was live from Curve Theatre. Mellow Baku’s MmmAhhWhoosh. A black box studio tight camera shot and a live vibe straight into zoom.

All wrapped in a Festival branded bumper and a continuity voiceover. Well rehearsed start and finish producing a satisfying live show experience. 

Bangers and Mashups was a live beatboxing with live looping and fruit. There was audience participation, children ‘on stage’ as well as spontaneous call and response using chat.

See if I can capture more tomorrow for a mini vlog.