Rehearse, Repeat, Perfect, Reiterate and Relax
Secret Stories - #SparkFestival - performing live on Zoom

The glitz and the swag. The bling and the brags. #FEI

My heart is always beating to the rhythm of theatre and live performance but my curiosity glanced perilously into the arena of events. A complete subspecies when it comes to audiences. What arts, culture and heritage pursuits engage the leisure time of conference and trade-shows attendees and delegates? Can the world of show business get in on the act of event engagement?

The glitz and the swag. The bling and the brags. The knowledge and technology simmering is constrained by the desire to savagely aspire to monetary gain almost as savagely as the culture sector clings to its a-vent-guard rejection of mainstream banality. Too harsh?

Digital is not new. Audience engagement is not new. COVID is new but a new thing compounded with an old thing that wasn’t acknowledged and resisted just smacks of shortsightedness.


EVentMB gives me faith that the conversation is awakening. But it’s devoid of creative life. Steel and golden scans or indigo Rosco super gel 59 will not rose tint your world. There is a gulf between entertainment and event I’m not sure a spark can jump far enough. The talent of the performers, the creative flare is missing and every time I attend I admire and marvel as the distant riches but the bright lights... the roar of the greasepaint, smell of the crowd!!! Keeps me here, ultimately poorer but ultimately richer.