There’s an app for that! Time shifting a .srt file
Digital Stagemanager’s Zoom checklist

There’s an app for that! Algorithm free, Ad free Social Networking.

It is also what might be termed a boomerang app. The ones that come back after you delete them, lost interest but saw so much potential. Here is one of those apps.

Promising not to be want we are trying to avoid! So it’s back.

First update was username

Ermmm - #Twitter! Yes I claimed @pcmcreative

After a poke around and a post of my most recent project. So bright and quirky but empty.

I like the book, movie, music show and tell but... 

The reason I’d keep the app this time is if friends started using it so...

Take a look and come find me.


VERO - True Social by Vero Labs Inc