Note To Self - 01
#SparkFestival Day 1

WTF - Zoom

Zoom WTF - Pins and Spotlights / Meetings vs Webinars

If you are here for answers the best I can offer is that put your questions in the comments.
Zoom Webinar it’s was simple. Audience with no webcams or mics well without direct autonomy. And Zoom Meeting? Herding Cats metaphor doesn’t begin to scratch the audience and technological feline analogy I want to apply here.

WTF? And then there is the goalpost metaphor... that they keep changing. New goalposts, more goalposts, barge poles masquerading as goalposts!

I am sick of figuring out how to smoothly operate Zoom only to return days later to find the tactics of the previous engagements no longer apply. New features like buses. Addition features that negate the purpose of the distinction between one and the other.

Most annoying is that I only favour Zoom because of its interfacing with Otter to provide auto generated closed captions.

Yup that. Only that!

As I start a week of performances using Zoom. Me using Zoom Webinar and 2 great fellow stage-managers in Zoom Meeting.

That’s it for today’s blog

- A reluctant zoom user