Census Day
Mindfulness in March - Seeing Red.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head - watch, chat, catch up

Have you seen? What do you think?


  1. Part One - Bloodshed on Wolf Mountain - https://fb.me/e/4SJsqqqJk
  2. Part Two - Shooting and F**king are the Same Thing - https://fb.me/e/1YkcXCXYt
  3. Part Three - Money Changes Everything - https://fb.me/e/2eYafpHwq
  4. Part Four - But What If the People Are Stupid? - https://fb.me/e/2eNrs9CrP
  5. Part Five - The Lordly Ones - https://fb.me/e/znHbe0N9
  6. Part Six - Are We Pigeon? Or Are We Dancer? - https://fb.me/e/1dwXbiCgW

I miss ‘putting the world to rights over a pint’ conversations. I’d love folks to join me to watch Adam Curtis’s latest documentary series. So I put together this watch party series. If you haven’t seen the week’s episode watch with me via Zoom or drop by an hour in and stay for a deep reflective chat. Sometimes it is good to make your brain hurt! 

I have mentioned to a few I might do an Adam Curtis watch party some day. Here it is. Starting next Monday (29th) and lasting 6 weeks. Join me to watch or join an hour in a stay for the discussion. This is my kind of happy!! 

Sundown and a pint is wishful thinking right now but hey. Zoom will have to do!

Let talk... these documentaries are collective consciousness and I just want us to share the thoughts I know I have watching the episodes. They colour in my own history. Avert your sensibilities this is not staying inside the lines.

Be prepared to think and reflect.